Testimonial 2

Men’s skin needs the same care as women that's why Great skin doesn't happen by chance. It happens by appointment. Thank you Ms. Marj for taking care of me and my brother. We loved and enjoyed your services! signaturefacial, lastlift, vitaminbooster.

Wynchell Anne

Testimonial 2

I have always been pleased with the high standard service I received at BM Glutha drip 🥰 The staff was warm and accommodating,specially marj the clinic owner! the highest level of customer’s satisfaction has to be acknowledged ! Having in mind such a pleasant experience with bm glutha drip as well as the colleagues it would be my pleasure to continue doing my enhancement with your clinic in the following period. �I hope that this is the kind of service that will be present in your clinic permanently as this is what the customers want to have. Thank you Marjorie and rose 😊 more success in the near future godbless 🙏🏻😇

Rodel Hariño Balistoy

Testimonial 2

It was our first time to experience Glutha Drip and I am very thankful that BM Glutha Drip and Beauty Lounge was reommended to me. Thank you Ms. Marj for boosting our immune system and making us glow at the same time. We also tried reflexology and its very relaxing. Thank you to all the staffs for being nice and accomodating. We will also love to try your other services. See you on our next sessions 😊

Argel Ramos Montemayor

Testimonial 1

I have had like countless hifu sessions and rf but it doesnt targets my facial fats really well not until several sessions. It also sag my cheek muscles because I am losing fats from that area. So I tried their redshot mesotherapy and to my surprise after first session my facial fats dissolves and I got an instant contour. On the third day I got a well defined jawline. To improve my contour they suggest that I should have a lip and chin augmention done. I am hesitant at first because I am not comfortable to get any implants but they said they will use a hyaluronic acid filler which is safe to use and over the time will improve my skin elasticity. So I gave it a try. At first I though the procedure was painful but surprisingly the chin part is almost painless and the lip part is tolerable. I got an improved facial symmetry which I haven't had since I was in my 20's. I'm so happy with the result. P.S. These are raw photos. No filters. 🤗

Rome Infante